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“Touchless” Technology Saves Money…Not Just Lives.

July 28, 2020

But you knew this already, didn’t you?

At Spiralight, we sure did.

Long before worldwide events drove everyone to do everything “touchless,” at Spiralight, contactless benefits enrollment and virtual onboarding were our specialties. As one of the largest producers in Ohio of group health benefits cases for many major carriers, we streamlined the process years ago not due to a pandemic, but because it made the best sense for our small and medium-sized employers, who make up the bulk of our client base.

For example, our proprietary process and automated on-boarding and benefits administration is comprehensive:

  • It provides a better employee experience (which also builds goodwill and loyalty).
  • Benefits, payroll, and all other HR processes are accessed and managed on one single platform by your employees, and HR staff (making everything simple, seamless, and less time consuming).
  • It’s more secure and more accurate (which leads to fewer costly mistakes).
  • Best of all, an automated system for underwriting, on-boarding and integration to your payroll provider of choice leads to reduced insurance costs and lowers the employer’s administrative burden.

At Spiralight, paperless is NOT a case of adaptation, but evolution.

For years, we’ve provided all of our clients, and their employees, these solutions at no additional cost. It is our way of providing value to our clients by helping everyone work smarter, not harder.

So what’s the takeaway here?

It’s that an integrated, touchless, technology-based on-boarding, underwriting, and benefits management system lowers costs, improves the employee experience, and unifies all systems under a single secure solution.

What, Spiralight has technology just like that? What a coincidence!

OASIS (Onboarding & Administration Software Integration Solution) is a technology package that makes your life easier!  It houses everything you need – Employee Onboarding, Recruitment, and Benefits Administration – and connects it to your payroll, all in one location.  And you and your employees go to the same place to make it all work. It’s simple, seamless, and puts all your HR Technology Solutions right in your pocket. Learn More Here!

We’re happy to review your paperless HR strategy before renewal stress begins to kick in. In fact, we prefer to start conversations about January renewals before Q4, not later in the year when time is short, and resources are thin.

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